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Mr. Micro provides professional grade equipment to both consumer and business customers. When shopping for a new computer, remember that all computers are NOT created equal. There are in fact different lines of equipment; such as consumer line and professional line. The main differences in these two line of computers are service, life span, quality and presales testing.

Consumer equipment is designed for low to moderate usage and has an expected life span of approximately one year. Professional equipment is designed for moderate to extremely heavy usage and has an expected life span of approximately five years. Manufacturer warranties for these two lines vary greatly and the priority for repairs set by the manufacturer between the two can be a difference in repair time of 24 hours to 10 days.

In addition to quality professional computer equipment, Mr. Micro also provides the largest variety of quality computer related equipment in the area; printers, PC’s, servers, DV-RWs, monitors, wireless networking, and many other products are available to you.

Mr. Micro markets a professional quality PC, suitable for either home or business use. Our systems are fully upgradeable and constructed with quality tested parts.

For nearly 20 years, Mr. Micro has maintained that both consumer and business customers deserve the same reliable equipment. We continue to run our business with this philosophy today.