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About Online Learning

Would you like to hone your professional skills from the comfort of your home or get a college degree without setting foot on campus? Sound too good to be true? You can now enroll in some of the tens of thousands of online classes available on the World Wide Web.

For decades, students have turned to distance learning to further their educational goals. From correspondence courses to teleclasses, distance learning has served the needs of people who cannot physically attend classes. With the explosion of information technology and the Internet, you can now have a virtual classroom right on your desktop. In most cases, to take a course you need only your computer, a web browser and Internet access. For more information about our Online Training and Learning options, click here .

A New Kind of Education

Online learning, also known as Web-based training or WBT, makes it possible to deliver instructional content to your personal computer via the World Wide Web. You access a website, where you find most, if not all of the materials you need--a course outline and lessons, information about the instructor (if there is one), lecture notes, a list of activities, tests, and links to other online resources. In some cases, additional materials may be required, such as textbooks or videotapes. Some WBT classes are self-paced, others are led by an instructor. Most are what is known as asynchronous classes--you study at your convenience--although there may be a defined period of time in which you must complete the course.

WBT offers a number of advantages over classroom-based instruction:

Mr. Micro, Your Training Resource

Mr. Micro has a full line of e-Learning products and a local fully certified Vue testing center. Our Training and Testing centers can help you expand your knowledge, increase your certifications, train your employees in half the time for half the cost, and/or test your new hires to reduce HR overhead by finding the most qualified applicants the first time around. Together with our educational partners we make training and testing easy and convenient for professionals, job seekers, and employers.

Study at your leisure by purchasing one or more subscription packages. Then when you are ready just log on to Mr. Micro Vue testing center to schedule your test.

Remember that testing is available for many courses of study and is not limited to the e-Learning products in our Online Training Center. We offer all Pearson/VUE testing and many more certification exams at our convenient, comfortable testing center.

Is Online Learning for You?

Typically, online training targets working adults--people who want to get an advanced certification or acquire new skills for their jobs, but don't have time to regularly attend classes. Classes are open to anyone, but you may need some prerequisites before you can enroll in certain courses. The requirements are usually listed along with class descriptions.

Online learning works best for people who are self-motivated, enjoy working alone and feel comfortable using technology. Beyond that, it's just one of those things you have to try. Fortunately Mr. Micro offers many package deals and single training courses, so you can test the waters before you take an expensive plunge.