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Mr. Micro has all the fun peripherals and gadgets you need to maximize the use and enjoyment of your PC. We will even help you find the right printer, scanner, and/or networking equipment. Did you know that there is more to choosing a printer than price? For instance, you just finished that presentation for the Board of Directors. It's going to get you promoted for sure! Now you want to print out copies of the presentation in color to hand out. Hopefully, you have a good printer. If not, all your hard work may be for nothing. Don't lose business or make a bad impressions to save a few bucks. It will cost you in the long run. For expert advice about any of our quality line of computer accessories and peripherals or to place an order, please call 606-836-7112 or email sales@mrmicro.net

Printers: Laser/Impact/Inkjet

Mr. Micro has a solution for all your printing needs whether it be Impact, Inkjet, Laser, or multi-function printers. Our authorized Hewlett Packard, Epson, Lexmark and Brother Experts will help guide you to the best printer for your current and future needs. If you are looking for a larger line professional business printer, 11x17, or perhaps Duplexing, we have just the right product at the right price and with Mr. Micro’s expert help you will be on your way to quality printed photos, documents, and even brochures! Just remember that what you need a printer to do will help you determine which type of printer is best for you.

Scanners: Document/Image

Is document or Image scanning in your future? Mr. Micro has a full range of scanners including Hewlett Packard, Epson, Visioneer, and many more. Scanners can maintain receipts, invoices, packing slips and pre-made forms (greatly reducing business overhead and improving efficiency). This can save countless hours when you need to recover an item. Mr. Micro also offers a personalized photo service which transforms your old photos into digital images, ready to be emailed or posted online. Photos can either be emailed to you or saved to diskette.

Networking: Wireless/Wired

Networking products for home and office are available at Mr. Micro. We can bring your network to life! By solving your file sharing, print sharing, and productivity issues we can streamline your business processes. Our experts can guide you to the right system for your budget, with a variety of products, such as; Linksys, Cisco, 3Com, Intel, SMC to name a few. Or, if you are looking for other solutions we can provide you with: Network Interface Cards • Wireless Access Points • Wireless Adapters • Wireless Telephony • Firewalls • Gateways • Biometric Identification • Voice-Over-IP • Routers • Switches • Hubs • Cabling (copper and fiber).